Spa at Lembongan Beach Club & Resort by Tjendana
For thousands of years ‘Tjendana’, or Sandalwood as it is known around the world, has been used by the Hindu and Buddhist religions as a natural source of protection, healing and spirituality. That ancient understanding today translates itself through the Tjendana Spa, from the basis of our spa treatments through to the experience our therapist family want you to enjoy.
From the moment you step into the world of Tjendana Spa, the instinctive Traditions of our local staff – warmth, hospitality and natural wellbeing – not only embrace you, but seep through those built-up walls of hectic modern day life, gradually breaking them down to leave you relaxed, de-stressed, comforted and in-tune with the natural world around you.


Our therapists and staff, all born and raised on the island, will ensure that your stay is one of luxury and pampering not just for your body, but also for your mind and soul. Using locally sourced and 100% organic materials from both land and sea, our treatments are in tune with the world around you for a truly symbiotic and harmonized experience.
As the name Tjendana suggests, sandalwood makes up one of our key Ingredients. Celebrated for its medicinal and emotional properties, Sandalwood will instill a sense of inner peace as much as it will stimulate your natural immune system. Used by our therapists in many of our treatments, expect to feel the effect of sandalwood calm your body and cleanse your mind. Other ingredients making up the backbone of our spa menu include the Vanilla plant – recognized as a powerful anti-oxidant that also has properties to uplift the spirit and sooth the nervous system; tropical flowers including the skin-affirming hibiscus and the fragrant frangipani; local products such as the skin-stimulating Balinese coffee and Balinese volcanic mud; and from the depths of the Indian Ocean, the riches and treasures of the natural marine world.


Before you begin any treatment at our Tjendana Spa, our therapists will begin with a traditional foot ritual that uses local salts and essential oils cleanse and separate you from the world outside. Cast your gaze out across the relaxing views before you as we begin the process of bringing you back into perfect natural alignment and full bodily and spiritual wellness.
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Traditional Swedish massage is a system of long strokes, friction, kneading, tapping, percussive, vibrating and shaking motions that are perfect for easing out the aches and pains of everyday life that have woven themselves into the muscular fabric of your body. Using a mesmerizing, earthy-sweet blend of cananga, sweet orange, frankincense, clary sage, thyme and Patchouli oil, our therapists will energize your meridians and revitalize your body’s blood circulation while also incorporating holistic moves to nourish your soul as you relax and enjoy this classic massage.
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What better place to experience the famous Balinese massage than the land of its birth? Using a variety of different techniques including acupressure, free flowing massage movements and aromatherapy oils of a tropical blend, this magical treatment is utterly relaxing, unwinding tired, sore muscles, stimulating blood circulation and through the heady aromatic atmosphere created around you, enabling a calm, peaceful mind.
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The link between parts of the feet and different areas of the body has long been identified by holistic Chinese health practitioners and over the past few decades, has gradually been integrated into modern Western wellness therapies. At Tjendana Spa, this dedicated Asian Foot Acupressure treatment uses organic local sea salts and our signature island oil, to first soak tired feet, before gently exfoliating them with a luxurious and refreshing blend of spearmint and ginger. Once fully cleansed, sit back, relax and close your eyes as our therapists indulge you in a foot reflex treatment that mixes Chinese and Western techniques to heavenly effect.
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The word ‘Shiatsu’ means ‘finger pressure’, and originates from the Japanese dry massage technique proven over centuries to be highly beneficial for the body’s natural blood flow. Experience a Tjandama Spa Shiatsu Massage and feel thumbs, hands and fingers rotate and stretch out aching limbs and joints, while pressure points known as Meridian Lines are accessed to restore the body and mind through expert manipulation of the nervous and immune systems.
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Rejuvenate your skin with our Tjendana Spa natural scrubs. Choose from four organic Body treatment personally handpicked by our team for their invigorating qualities. Designed to rid your body of dead, dull skin cells that have accumulated over time; allow our scrubs to reveal the younger layers underneath, speeding up the removal of oil and toxins for elimination and Leaving you glowing with health and truly radiating from within.
  Sandalwood, Hibiscus & Frangipani Body Scrub - toning and hydrating
  Bali Coffee & Salt Body Toning Scrub - detoxifying and antioxidant
  Chamomile & Rose Body Scrub - sensitive and Mature and sensitive
  Vanilla Pearl with Ginseng - up lifting and revitalizing
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In the rushing, convenience-driven 21st century, our bodies ingest an incredible amount of unnatural and unhealthy elements that can lead to a build-up of clogging toxins within. At Tjendana Spa, our Body Wrap Treatments have been specifically designed to draw these out, with the added benefit of toning the skin through the removal of excess fluid from the body, activating the Lymphatic System and boosting your natural metabolism. And because we put as much into your body as we take out, thanks to our carefully chosen ingredients, we’ll also leave you with thoroughly nourished, perfectly hydrated, baby soft skin.
  Angelica Pearl with Rose Petals Body Wraps - radiance and ant aging
  Sea Weed & Aloe Vera Body Wrap - Stimulates Skin and Helps with Elasticity
  Local Volcanic Body Mud Wrap - rich in natural exfoliator and rich in minerals
  Jasmine and Turmeric Wraps - emotional warms the heart and helps with all skin concerns
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Glowing skin is indicative of a healthy lifestyle, an external reflection of the wellness within. After determining your skin-type, relax and immerse yourself in an indulgent facial treatment personally tailored to your needs. Working with a base of Sandalwood and Vanilla exfoliates and face masks, combined with a palate of varying essential oils and natural ingredients, our therapists gently massage the benefits into every layer of your skin. As the facial ingredients combine to cleanse and exfoliate, the massage itself encourages lymphatic drainage, improved skin elasticity and clarity.