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At Lembongan Beach Club & Resort we offer a large range of activities for the adventurous or those wishing to enjoy a more leisurely pace. Nusa Lembongan lends itself to enjoying the outdoors, with plenty of variety of choices of activities to pursue.
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The snorkelling around Nusa Lembongan is amazing and probably the most popular activity on the island, with its crystal clear water, healthy corral and abundant sea life. We advise guests to snorkel with one of our experienced guides only as currents can be dangerous.
Our Snorkelling packages include boat trip to desired snorkeling site with experienced boat captain, experienced guide and all equipment needed. Learn more
lembongan island surfing


Nusa Lembongan was first opened up as a tourist destination by surfers, and it has long been an established part of the Bali surf circuit. There are three main surf breaks, Playgrounds, Lacerations and Shipwrecks, all located at the top half of the west coast, with another less well known break to the southwest off Nusa Ceningan.Learn more
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At mid and high tides you can explore the lagoon rite out front of the resort.
lembongan Activities

Stand up paddle

Stand up paddle boarding or “SUP” for short, is one of the fastest growing sports/recreational pastimes in the world and can be enjoyed bye everyone. You can “SUP” in the lagoon rite out front of the resort at high and mid tides, with easy access from the sandy beach.
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Mangrove Tour

Nature lovers will appreciate this unique and very important ecosystem! Located at the most Northern tip of Nusa Lembongan is an extensive forest of mature mangroves which can be explored in a local “jukung” (outrigger boat).
lembongan Activities

Spear Fishing

Coral spearfishing trip (jacket fish, snapper, and sweet lips) 3 hours duration. It takes place around Lembongan, depth around 6 to 10m, suitable for beginners. Pelagic spearfishing trip (giant trevally, dogtooth tuna, Spanish mackerel) 4 hours duration, which takes place around Nusa Ceningan and Penida, depth 14 to 20m, suitable for experienced spearfishermen. Learn more...
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The most popular style of fishing around Nusa Lembongan is “Trawling” our experienced captain will take you “Trawling” for mainly pelagic fish such as Giant Trevally, Dogtooth Tuna, Spanish Mackerel.
Two hour fishing trip around the Nusa Lembongan area.
Three hour fishing trip around the Nusa Ceningan and Penida area.
lembongan Activities

Coral viewing by glass bottom boat

A great way to see most of what you would snorkel without getting wet! Expect to see large rocks and coral bommies, branching & table corals, big sponges, nudibranch, mantis shrimps, cowries, cleaner shrimps & moray eels. Shoals of colourful anthias cover the corals, trigger fish, pufferfish, stingrays and a good variety of reef fish, such as angel, parrot and surgeons.